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My Rental deprec ( Office Use Only)

Rental Property Building Write Off (2.5%)
and Fixtures & Fittings Deprec

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My Rental Property depreciation

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Rental Property Building Write Off (2.5%)
and Fixtures & Fittings Deprec
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Description Rental Property
Capital works deductions are the following expenses you pay for which you can claim an income tax deduction:
- building construction costs
-the cost of altering a building
- the cost of capital improvements to the surrounding property.
(Note: You can only claim a deduction for the capital works on residential rental properties if the properties were built after 17 July 1985).

Major Capital Works Post July 1985

 buildings or extensions, alterations
 sealed driveways
 fences and retaining walls
 improvements to a building
 Major Internal Renovations Ceilings/walls/Plastering
 earthworks for environmental protection,
Purchase Price/Valuations

Purchase Price & Allocations

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