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Schedule 1. to be completed by all  new & existing Clients every financial year
Schedule 2. to be completed (Once only) by all  new & existing Clients who have only owned a property for part way through the financial year and not previously reported to the ATO that they have a rental property for tax purposes.if you have paid for a depreciation report go to schedule 4 to upload
Schedule 3. to be completed by all new Clients that have previously had a rental property reported to the ATO by another tax agent.
Note: if you have been to us before and are a returning client you only need complete schedule 1 above.

Landlords enjoy many tax benefits of negative gearing.

What is a negatively geared property?
Negative gearing occurs when the rental income you receive is less than the total costs involved of owning that investment property.
Often referred to as ‘capital growth properties’, negatively geared investments are expected to appreciate (grow) in value over time, and this increase is expected to outweigh any short-term financial losses. These properties are commonly located in areas closer to capital cities which typically perform better over the long term.
How it works:
As an example, let's imagine you purchase an investment property for $440,000. The property is located in a high growth, stable area where properties are renting for a more affordable amount due to a higher availability of rental properties in the area. You rent the property to tenants for a rental return of $425 per week.
The repayment costs for your property (loan repayments/property management fees/rates etc.) totals $440 per week. Therefore, after all expenses - the rental income for this property does not fully cover repayment costs and you have a short-fall of -$15 per week. In this situation, the property is negatively geared.
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